Our Approach

John Seifert, 30+ years in the Computer Support Services business.  John has been providing Computer support in the Houston Area for the past 20 years.

John started in computers when he enlisted in the US Navy in 1986.


Our Story

I started as a Auto/Diesel Mechanic in High School, I attended WyoTech (Wyoming Technical Institute) in the 80's for education to get my ASE Certification. After school I worked building Race Transmissions.

In 1986 I joined the US Navy to get Electronic's education, I became a Navigator and studied for an Associate in Applied Science.

In 1991 I joined IBM and became a IBM CE.

In 1994 I moved to Space Center Houston, working on simulators and computers.

In 2000 I went out on my one Opening Sei-Co Services


Meet the Team

I am here to help you, solve your problems, at a fair price.

John Seifert


Navy Veteran, have 30+ years Experience in Customer Service/Support

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